INtune History

Originally created as an expansion of The Original SoundTrack radio show (In January 2011), INtune Magazine never developed beyond the conceptual stage until later that year. When INtune Magazine finally arrive online on July 15th 2011, the launch was plagued with problems of the technical nature and suffered from a severe lack of content. While having support from many local artists in the community, INtune Magazine failed to develop the same momentum and following that its older sibling, The Original SoundTrack, garnered. Finally in October 2011 after only three months, INtune Magazine was put on indefinite hiatus to make way for future development of The Original SoundTrack (then, Renamed TOSRadio by local artists) and the re-launch of The Original SoundTracks’ website. Though not offically gone, the INtune Magazine project appeard dead in the water.

As The Original SoundTrack forged on, In the new year (2012) new faces joined the team beginning with Joseph Zambri in January and Ryna Gallardo (whom would join in April 2012).With the two bringing a fresh breath of life in to The Original SoundTrack, focus was then brought back to INtune Magazine and on ways to re-invent the project. The decision was made in June of 2012 to bring back the INtune Magazine name and put it on the front lines with a brand new site and a new focus on becoming more involved in the local music scene. While once again the website’s launch was plagued with technical difficulties, that didn’t stop the team from forging on. With the addition of three new writers Candice Dionysus, Shanté Allen and Dominique Béchard, and a new dedication and direction/ INtune Magazine has now grown significantly covering events such as The TIMA’s (Toronto Independent Music Awards) and the Canadian leg of Indie Week 2012.

With a bright future ahead, we look forward to growing up with INtune Magazine and the GTHA indie music scene.