INtune History

Originally created as an expansion of The Original SoundTrack radio show (In January 2011), INtune Magazine never developed beyond the conceptual stage until later that year. When INtune Magazine finally arrive online on July 15th 2011, the launch was plagued with problems of the technical nature and suffered from a severe lack of content. While […]

Created by Josh Skinner, INtune Magazine is about local music and culture. With the magazine and radio, we strive be as active and interactive in the local music scene and community as possible.

One of the philosophies behind INtune Magazine is the ability to access real time information. We keep information flowing through social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter by tweeting what’s happening on location at events and live shows and by posting photos on Facebook and content on our website and by covering local shows and events live on INtune Radio. However we don’t stop there; through our magazine and evolving technology (such as smartphones and tablets) we ensure that the interaction with content doesn’t stop with words on a page, but rather immerses the reader into the experience.

Created July 15th 2011 and re-launched July 22nd 2012,INtune Magazine is published 3 times a year: Winter, Summer, and Autumn (Fall). In each issue we take a look at what happened in the previous season, and what is going to happen in the present season by ways of events, shows and general news as well as discuss trends in music, the industry and new technologies. The Magazine is released as both a free PDF download and as a free print magazine; the most current information on the upcoming issue can be found in our magazine archives.

Created on November 17th, 2010 as The Original SoundTrack, INtuneRadio is about local independent music, as such there is no specific genre that the our radio station follows or caters too; we play it all. Currently there are 3 main programs: The Original SoundTrack, TOS:HC (The Original Soundtrack Hardcore) and Unplugged. You can tune in to the radio station here.

INtune Radio is now a 24/hr station. With pop, dance, r&b; and hip hop 9am-2pm. Indie and Rock from 2pm-6pm. The Original Soundtrack Playlist from 6pm-9:30pm and TOS:HC (punk and hardcore) from 9:30pm-3am. Also tune in Friday nights at 6:30 pm for our main show the Original Soundtrack where you can listen to interviews, amazing local music and participate in voting for your favourite artists songs here.